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For Listeners

Q1. Is your music free to download?

A1. Yes. Some browsers may not allow downloads. In case, you cannot download it, contact me.

Q2. Can I download everything all at once?

A2. No, sorry I don’t provide the all-in-one-package.

Q3. How can I download the music file?

A3. Use Chrome browser on a computer.

Q4. Can I get WAV files?

A4. No, WAV file takes too much bandwidth so it is not available. WAV license is only available through the License version.

For Creators Who Wants To Use My Music in Their Projects

Q1. Can I use your music in my project?

A1. Yes, all the beats under the beats category allows commercial use with crediting. For example, Videos, events, commercials, games, game commentary, live streaming, VRChat, Apps.

See Free Download Instrumental Terms of Use.

Q2. How do I use your music in my video?

A2. The credits should go into the video description or somewhere inside the video.

Q3. How do I place a credit for your music in my project?

A3. Here’s the format I would like you to follow for attribution:

Music: “BEAT TITLE HERE” by Genx Beats ( https://genxbeats.com )

Link to my website should be clickable (if applicable).

Q4. What about using it in a non-video project?

A4. Go ahead. Use it in your podcasts, games, apps, whatever – as long as you give proper attribution.

Some guidelines for attribution in specific cases:

  • For advertisements, in-store music, on-hold music, you will need to purchase a license because proper attribution isn’t usually possible.
  • For movies, TV shows and other films, ending credits are fine.
  • For website background music, the attribution should be by the play/pause/etc controls, or somewhere else which makes sense in the layout design.
  • For game music, it can either be in the starting credits or the game itself as the music plays.
  • For live streaming, the credits must be placed so that a person with reasonable effort can find out about the music. Either add a “Music” section to place the credits, or the credit must be spoken, or shown on-screen as the beat is playing.
  • For podcasts, attribution should be in the podcast itself (spoken) or the show notes are fine. 

Contact me if you have a different situation or any questions.

Q5. My project is commercial. Can I use it?

A5. Yes, as long as proper attribution is given.

Q6. Can I use your music on YouTube?

A6. Yes. However, use in videos for the purpose of introducing the song itself rather than as BGM is prohibited. We consider these videos as redistribution and will file a claim for copyright infringement.

Q7. Can I use your music in my NFT Project?

A7. Creation of NFT is prohibited. I am available for consultation, so please contact me by email.

Q8. What if I cannot credit you in my project?

A8. You must either give attribution or purchase a license.

Q9. Can I modify the music to fit my needs?

A9. Yes, you can speed up, speed down, change keys, add audio effects, truncate, add fade-ins, add fade-outs as you like.

Q10. Can I remix your beats?

A10. Yes, with some major caveats.

  • Make sure the attribution is listed anywhere the song is used. I don’t require ShareAlike, but you will need to make sure anyone who uses your work knows that attribution to me is required for any derivitives of your work.
  • You may NOT list the beat nor any derivatives for sale through Spotify/Apple Music/Amazon Music, etc.
  • You may NOT submit the beat nor any derivatives to YouTube Content ID matching services.

Q11. What actions are prohibited?


  • Registration with any copyright management system, including YouTube Content ID, Facebook Music Fingerprinting, SoundCloud monetization, BeatStars Publishing is prohibited.
  • It is prohibited to register music with copyright management organizations such as JASRAC, ASCAP, BMI, IMRO.
  • Registration to music recognition systems such as Shazam is prohibited.
  • Selling the music file itself and secondary distribution of the music file itself are prohibited.
  • Use in videos for the purpose of introducing the song itself rather than as BGM is prohibited. We consider these videos as redistribution and will file a claim for copyright infringement.
  • It cannot be distributed on subscription-type music distribution services (Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, etc.). 
  • Creation of NFT is prohibited.

Q12. Wasn’t your music licensed under Creative Commons?

A12. I am currently reviewing the terms and conditions. I also understand that there is a conflict between CC BY 4.0 and the terms of this site. Ideally, I would like to continue operating under the same license format, but CC BY 4.0 does not incorporate the existence of the latest AI technology, and some people have been abusing YouTube Content ID and others have been abusing AI technology, so I am forced to review the terms and conditions to combat and go inline with the new era (and new technology). If you feel uneasy or dissatisfied with my licensing format, please refrain from using the music on this site. Thank you for your understanding.

The best way is to purchase a paid license. That way, you will receive a written contract and can use my music with a peace of mind.


Q1. Why do you give your music away for free?

A1. Because I believe in free culture movements.

Q2. Is your music Copyright Free?

A2. No. All of the music is copyrighted.

Q3. Can you create a custom beat for my project?

A3. I don’t provide such service at this time.

Q4. Where are you from?

A4. I am from Tokyo, Japan. Now I live in Kanagawa, Japan.