Lease License Agreement

By purchasing a Genx Beats lease license, you can use it for subscription distribution (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.), download sales (iTunes, BandCamp, etc.), and live performances. (Note: Even if you purchase a lease license, you are still obligated to give credit.)

If you want to use it as background music for videos on YouTube, etc., this license will not work. In that case, please use the BGM license.

Please check our lease license terms before purchasing the product.

Contract Period

The lease period is one year. After one (1) year from the date of purchase, this lease license expires. If you want to continue using the music, you will need to repurchase the license. If you do not purchase the license again after the lease ends, please remove the songs from the subscription distribution and download distribution services.

Beat Price

Commercial use license WAV file Please check for each track

Stem file Separate charge per song Please check for each track (Some songs may not be available, so please check by e-mail before purchasing)

Exclusive License Price is negotiable.

About Exclusive License

Even if a lease license is purchased, the track will continue to be sold in this store. Therefore, someone other than you may continue to purchase licenses.

If someone purchases an exclusive use license after you purchase a lease license, you can continue to use the track for the duration of the agreement. However, if an exclusive use license is sold, it cannot be renewed after the term of your leased license has expired.

Therefore, we recommend early purchase of an exclusive use license if you want to secure the track.

About Beat Arrangement Changes

Beat arrangements changes are possible, but a separate fee will be charged.

About usage range

  1. Make sure to include vocals when using the track.
  2. Completed songs can be used for streaming distribution, download distribution, live performances, etc.
  3. One license purchase is needed for each song production. Therefore, if you want to create another version of the song, you need to purchase the license again.

Precautions when using on YouTube

You may receive a “Copyright Claim” when you put it on YouTube. We will check the license and whitelist it, so please send us an email with the license purchase date and the URL of your YouTube video.

Prohibited Matter

  1. Registration with any copyright management system, including YouTube Content ID, Facebook Music Fingerprinting, SoundCloud monetization is prohibited.
  2. It is prohibited to register music with copyright management organizations such as JASRAC and ASCAP.
  3. Resale of licenses to third parties is prohibited.
  4. By default, creation of NFT is prohibited. Please contact us by e-mail so that we can consult with you.

About Beat copyright

Purchasing a lease license is the right to use the track. Please note that purchasing a license does not transfer copyright to you.

Credit Notation

Please put “Prod. by Genx Beats” in the title or summary column of the work to be released where anyone can see it. Please note that if you forget to write it, it will be a license violation.

Earnings from Songs

License purchasers can receive the full amount of revenue generated from the produced music. However, this does not apply if a license violation is discovered.


If you violate the license, all the works used will be deleted and collected. We will bill you for the sales that occurred due to license violation.

Refund policy

Due to the nature of the digital product called “music licensing”, we do not accept refunds, complaints, or cancellations.

Other questions

Please contact us from here.

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