• Music can be downloaded and used for free under the CC BY 4.0 license.
  • Commercial and non-commercial purposes
  • No permission needed. Attribution is required when using the beat. When doing so, please use the format, Music by Genx Beats (

Example of the usage of my music

  • Use as background music on your YouTube Videos
  • Use as background music on your original video games
  • Play my music as background music at the cafe or restaurant that you own (In this case, you are allowed to use it without attribution)

What is not permitted 👎

  • You cannot resell and/or redistribute the original music elsewhere.
  • You may not register music or any derivatives to copyright management system, such as YouTube Content ID and Facebook Rights Manager.

About giving attribution ✏️

Attribution is required as it provides exposure to my work and encourages others users to start using my work on their projects.

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