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If you want an exclusive license for a particular beat, purchase this product. Once purchased, I will remove that particular beat from the Internet. Please note that somebody else may have already downloaded or leased the beat before you, and may already be using that beat in their project. Purchasing this product does not and cannot affect the people who already used the beat before you.

1. First, find the music you want from music player.

2. Put this item in cart and check out. Make sure to mention which beat you want in “Order Notes” section.

4. Please pay. Once confirmed, I will send you the WAV and MP3 file of the beat you mentioned in step 2. I will also send you a exclusive license contract for the music using your checkout information. By default, the music contract is based for “song creation” by music artists. If you want a custom contract for a different usage, please contact me before you purchase it.


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