[Music NFT] Smooth Hiphop 20221221



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How to purchase the NFT

You can purchase this NFT on OurSong.

OurSong is a marketplace for NFTs accessible from iOS or Android. You can buy and sell digital collection NFTs from musicians and artists.

You must download the OurSong app and then register for an account. Then press the “Buy NFT” button above.

Download the OurSong app

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How to Buy NFT on OurSong

If the NFTs you want to buy have displayed offers by different owners, you can click “buy” to purchase. Please make sure you have enough OSD balance in your OurSong wallet before purchasing any NFT. 

Buy NFT via an instant offer by sellers

Step 1 Find the NFT you want to buy and click on “Buy” to enter the market.

Step 2 Click on “Offers” > Select an owner and the quoted price > Click “Buy”.
*There is a handling fee of 2.5% for each purchase.

Step 3 Enter the quantity you want to buy, click “Checkout” and you are done!

Buy NFT via bidding

Step 1 Find the NFT you want to buy and click on “Buy” to enter the market.

Step 2 Click on “Bid” to set up your bidding details.

  • You can check on others bidding status through “Bids” tab above.
  • Once you’ve sent your bid out, the amount of your bid will be withheld unless you delete the bid. The creator or other owners can decide whether to accept your bid or not.

Born in 1982, he is a beatmaker and music producer who produces rap beats, and also produces and consults music artists. He also researches web marketing strategies for small businesses through music activities and personal blogs. Because he grew up internationally, he understands English. His hobbies are muscle training, photo processing, WordPress customization, K-Pop, web3, NFT. He also loves Korea.

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